Crimes In Camp De Masque Pavé-: “I have never spoken to Yeshna” Says The Suspect



The alleged murderer of Reshma and Yeshna Rughoobin has finally unveiled the tragic events on 29 February at Camp de Masque-Pavé. Yesterday, Friday, April 1, he was interrogated by the inspector Jugo and his team of the Major Crime Investigation Team. He recounted in great detail how he have killed the girl he loved and the grandmother of the latter. Disturbingly, he told the police that he was in love with Yeshna Rughoobin, however he never spoke to her.

Indeed, in his statement, made in the presence of his lawyer, Mr. Uttam Hurnauth, the young man of 17 years has told investigators that he knew the girl who lived in the same locality as him but he had never spoken to her. It was on Facebook that he became friends with her and they started chatting. The alleged murderer said he fell in love with Yeshna but, not knowing if his feelings were mutual, he decided to talk to the grandmother of the girl so that the old lady could talk about it to the father of Yeshna.



But things did not go as he would have liked. A violent fight broke out. He then pulled out his knife and assaulted Reshma. When Tushal returned, he says, he would have taken the child who would have fallen to the ground under the blows. He says he then waited Yeshna he would also assaulted.




Reconstruction of events
In addition, Tushal Rughobin, the little brother of Yeshna, and the witness who told the police participated in a reconstruction of the events this morning. Tushal was seriously injured during the assault, he had spent several days in hospital.

The investigation is under the supervision of Gerard ASP.

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