Death Of A Baby In Souillac “I do not understand how such a thing could happen”


Tears were flowing freely at the Abattoir Road, Trois-Bras, Souillac. And this is because the little Ania Simajee, aged one year, died last Thursday, March 31. She drowned in a bucket of water which was used to bathe her prior to losing vigilance by her mother. The father of the latter is stunned. “I do not understand how such a thing could have happened. It was an accident,” said the grandfather of Ania. The baby was raised by his maternal grandparents, he says. He explained that he was doing his best for his daughter and the granddaughter lacked nothing. The mother of the victim, Ramrekha Bharati, 21, is separated from the father of her child. Ania was only three months old when they got separated, tells the grandfather.

Bharati Ramrekha was sharing the house of his parents who were at their workplace when the tragedy occurred. Ramrekha Bharati says she was preparing herself to give a bath to Ania. She would then open the tap to fill a bucket of water in the bathroom and had then headed to the bedroom to get clothes for her daughter, she said, walking beside her. While the young woman was busy, the child would have escaped her vigilance for a few minutes. Ania allegedly went into the bathroom and there she would have lost her balance and fell into the bucket half filled with water  in which she drowned sadly. When she returned to the room, Bharati Ramrekha said to have fallen from the clouds after seeing her daughter. It’s by screaming she released the body of Ania from the bucket. Neighbors alerted the emergency medical service but the young mother did not wait for help to arrive. She rushed to the car of his uncle, a policeman, asking for his help so he carries her little to Souillac hospital.


There, the attending physicians were quick to note the death of Ania. She was sent to Victoria Hospital, Candos for the autopsy that attributed her death to asphyxia due to drowning. Meanwhile, in Trois-Bras, the news spread like wildfire. Slowly, a crowd gathered in front of the modest home of Ramrekha. In the house, shouting and crying relatives, who wanted to pay their last respects to the little ball of energy, resounded. Arriving at her home, Ania, wearing a white robe and head covered in bandages, was placed in the living room. Her funeral was held in the afternoon of Thursday, March 31.

“She was not of speaking age but neighbors knew her. She was a cheerful child,” said a neighbor who could barely contain her tears. Among the crowd, some did not hesitate to criticize. “Kan éna zanfan sa laz-la, bizin fer bien atansion. Sa laz lamem zot anvi konn tou, tous tou,” says a close relative to the child. Ania’s death came a week after the death of another baby last Friday. The child, aged two, was hardly breathing when his mother took him to the hospital. She explained that she had given him a bottle of milk to drink and, thereafter, as he did not wake up, she took him to the hospital. The autopsy revealed that he died as a result of cerebral edema.

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