Navin Ramgoolam: “Now You See The Difference Between PTr And Others”



“Scandals”. The country “slipping towards a precipice.” The number of unemployment increases as well as violent crimes. And the list is still long, ensures Navin Ramgoolam. The leader of the Labour Party (PTr) participated in the conference organized by the red in Lallmatie last Friday, 1 April.

During his speech, Navin Ramgoolam became interested in Dayal and Lutchmeenaraidoo cases, the dismissal of Alain Edouard by CHCL, various recruitments and have sparked controversy. He cited, in particular, the Director of the IBA, the meter readers of the CEB and doctors.

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“Sir Anerood Jugnauth can not govern the country. He is a part time Prime minister,” said the leader PTr. He estimates that those in government “are not working for the population but for themselves.” And launch “Now you see the difference between the PTr and others”



According to Navin Ramgoolam, “the only agenda of SAJ is to destroy me and the PTr”. He says “trust the justice. I’m not a saint but I have done no crime, I never agreed to commission. Those who have proved me wrong, now have to stand strong.”

Patrick Assirvaden has expressed confidence that the PTr will soon return to power. “In December 2014, we thought that the PTr was dying. But I still give us 15 months to return to power. We acknowledge our mistakes.”

A shared confidence by Rama Valayden who also commented on the report of the PRB. “Unionists are unhappy.”

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