[Video] Deadly Accident Between A Motorcycle And Car At Flacq


Since the start of the year, 43 people have died on our roads. The latest accident occurred on Sunday April 3, at , around 00 h 15. The victim, aged 26, was crossing the road when she was fatally hit by a car. She died instantly.
The driver, Vicky Carella Henry, aged 31 and living in Pointe-aux-Sables was subjected to an alcohol test that was negative.
The day before, another tragedy happened in Flacq around 20hr30. A resident of Quatre Cocos, aged 15, succumbed to his injuries after his motorbike collided with a car.

Watch live video below (user discretion is adviced):

EN DIRECT DE ARGY ( Flacq): GRAVE ACCIDENT ENTRE UNE VOITURE ET UN MOTO!Chauffere loto la fine soV, ti ena 2 occupant lor moto la, 1 la in mort sur le coup! ATTENTION BANNE ZIMAZZ LA CAPAVE CHOQUEE!!

Posted by The Gazette on Saturday, April 2, 2016

The driver, Dookhun Poornima, a resident of Argy, Flacq, aged 35, was subjected to an alcohol test after the accident that was negative.
Moreover, in the same evening, another accident was reported in Palma. Initial information provided by the police indicate that there were no serious injuries.

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