Accident In Bois-Marchand: “I was carried away by events,” said Thierry Henry


“After the accident, I was in shock, I was carried away by events. But when I regained my senses, I decided to take my responsibilities.”

This was said by Thierry Henry as he left the Pamplemousse court, last Monday, April 4.
Arrested after a fatal accident at Bois Marchand, the private parliamentary secretary has been released against a bail of Rs Rs 50,000 and an IOU of Rs.100 000. Three preliminary charges have been brought against him, including involuntary manslaughter, refusal to submit to an alcohol test and driving while intoxicated.

His wife, Vicky Henry, faces an interim charge of “obstructing police.” She had to provide a deposit of Rs 10 000 and has also signed an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 50,000.

It’s on the highway in Bois-Marchand that the accident occurred in the night of Saturday to Sunday. Stephano Andre, a Mason of 23, was hit by a BMW, registered T1219 and he died instantly. The autopsy attributed the death of the resident of Congomah from serious injuries.

Vicky Henry, aged 31, initially said she had hit the pedestrian. She was admitted to a clinic after the accident.

But on Sunday night there was a turnaround. Thierry Henry, MP of the Social Democratic Party of Mauritius, visited the police station in Terre Rouge to say that it was him who was driving the car, not his wife.

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