Farhaan Dowlut death, “Tariq Ally Gaffoor will never get our forgiveness”



Tariq Ally Gaffoor, 47 of age, asked for forgiveness from the family, just before the sentence was given. But it was no question of forgiving him for the family of Farhaan Dowlut. “He ruined our life. We will never give him our forgiveness.”
Convicted of the acid attack in Plaine Verte, when a boy gaed 7 years old died, Tariq Ally Gaffoor was sentenced to 10 years in prison by the magistrate Raj Seebaluck. The sentence was announced last Wednesday in the intermediate court of Port-Louis. The judge also took into account the 27 months that the accused has spent in custody during the trials.
At the announcement of the verdict, there was a consternation among the family of Farhaan Dowlut. During the acid attack back in 31 December 2013, the sister of the boy aged 2 years old and their mothers and grandmother, had also suffered burns. The boy, unfortunately, had passed away a few months later and the members of his family were safe.


On n’est pas satisfait de cette sentence, qu’on estime minime pour une personne aussi dangereuse que l’accusé,” emphasized the mother of FarhaanDowlut. For this family, who followed the trial from the beginning, the penalty should have been more severe. She expressed concern that Tariq Ally Gaffoor does not relapse to his release from prison. As for the apology from the convicted, there is no question of accepting them. “This is hypocrisy from his part.”
Another family member said that Tariq Gaffoor Ally “is a threat to us and for the society.” Moreover, he could not understand how someone could take the life of his own nephew. The death of the little Farhaan, he continued, has affected the lives of everyone, psychologically and emotionally.
The life of Farhaan’s sister was also turned upside down and in addition to that, she still has scars she got from the acid burns. Aged four now, said her family, she must suffer the stares and questions from his classmates. It is a trauma for her, her family protested.



In fact, the source of the deadly assault was a matter of the heart. Tarik Ally Gaffoor secretly coveted his sister-in-law, Sheik Nazrana Joomally, living Plaine-Verte. However, after learning that she was going to get engaged to someone else, he sought the help of his nephew, Sheikh Hashim Mungralee and to put his plan into action, he offered him a sum of Rs 10 000. The plan was to attack the young woman with acid that will eventually prevent her engagement.
During the trials in court, his testimony that was recorded by the Major Crime Investigation Team, the accused said he had asked Sheikh Hashim Mungralee to look for caustic soda to attack Nazrana Sheik Joomally. In fact, the substance had to be thrown through a window on the second floor where the woman was asleep but unfortunately, the acid reached Farhaan Dowlut instead, causing his death.
The defense of the accused was assured by Mr. Ashwin Kandhai.

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