[SBM Loan] Lutchmeenaraidoo should resign before traveling to the ICAC on Monday


The Prime Minister was clear on several occasions and this time, he will not have any choice. Once the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) notifies Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo about its intention to interrogate him, under warning, as part of the investigation on the loan of 1.1 million euros he has contracted with SBM, the Foreign Minister will have to resign. Sir Anerood Jugnauth had proceeded the same way with Raj Dayal two weeks ago.
Convened by the Anti-Corruption Commission on Monday morning at 9:30, the former finance minister will have to submit his resignation on Sunday or early on Monday morning, before his meeting with the investigators of the ICAC in Moka. Meanwhile, much of Sunday will be dedicated to discussions with his lawyers panel, made up largely of local specialists of banking law.

It’s discreet, and according to the wish of their leadership, the institution’s investigators went into high gear last week. The directive was clear: complete the hearing of the SBM frameworks in order to convene Lutchmeenaraidoo as soon as possible. But during the past week, at least two important leaders of the SBM shared evidence on a possible offense of using His official Public office for gratification with investigators of ICAC , that punishes Article 7 of the Prevention of corruption Act.

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