A Branch Falls On Her At Blue Bay: She Suffers Multiple Fractures


They wanted to find a place in the shade to fully enjoy the Easter last Monday on the beach of Blue Bay. But, unfortunately, a branch of a tree under which Henry Magon, 52, and his family had settled fell on them. Conclusion: Henry escaped with bruises to the head and lacerations to the arm and leg. His cousin, aged 42, left with multiple fractures to the tibia.
Like many Mauritians, Henry Magon and his family chose to spend their Easter last Monday at the beach. And he’s accompanied by about thirty other people that went at Blue Bay together. They were all sitting opposite to the old police station. “Les femmes étaient sous un kiosque et les hommes sous un pié lakoklis,” says the resident of Mare-d’Albert.
Around 15 h 30, the wind began to blow, says Henry Magon. Suddenly, “we heard a loud noise.” Thinking that it was a plane, his family and him have looked at the direction of the airport. But in fact, he said, it was a big branch that was blown off by the wind. Those who were under the tree were able to escape, reports the man. However, as he and his cousin were slower the branch fell on them.

Delicate Surgery
The family members then rushed to get them out. “When I regained my senses, I had pain in the head, arms, back and foot,” says Henry Magon. His cousin, meanwhile, was seriously injured and they were transported to the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital at Rose-Belle where they were admitted. Henry Magon has spent three days while his cousin, a resident of Saint-Hubert is still admitted.
Henry Magon escaped with bruises to the head and lacerations to the arm and leg where as his cousin, wounded in several parts of the body, will have to undergo a delicate surgery because of multiple fractures to the tibia.


Have they made any statement to the police? “We were interrogated by the police on Wednesday but we have not made a formal statement.” And what does the responsible of the beaches think about this unfortunate event, namely the Ministry of Environment, who manages the Beach Authority (BA)? Contacted by L’Express, a source in the ministry said that there is no policy of tracking and cutting down of hazardous trees on beaches. The BA, he continues, proceed case by case because it is difficult to check for trees that have been weakened by the wind.

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