Accident In Bois-Marchand: Here’s What Happened



Stéphane André, 24, was fatally hit by the car allocated to the PPS Thierry Henry in Bois-Marchand, in the night from Saturday to Sunday. Here’s what happened.
Where ?
The Bois-Marchand region lacks streetlight. The vehicle was traveling between 90 and 100 km / h on a stretch where the speed limit is 110 km / h.


Stéphano André

The BMW registered T 1219 was going in the direction of the North when it reverses the pedestrian who suddenly crossed the highway a few meters from the road bridge.

The victim
The day of the tragedy, Stephano Andre, 24, had to join his friends for a dance party in the locality. In fact, he was going to a party for celebrating his birthday. Unfortunately, he was killed instantly after hitting the bMW car. The young man, a mason living at Congomah, leaves behind his concubine and a one year old daughter who are in Rodrigues. The relatives of Stephano Andre wants justice to be done and wish that there will be no “cover-up”. “The law must be for everyone. We will follow the investigation closely and see how the situation will develop,” says Johnny André, father of the victim.

Theirry Henry BMW Car

Sunday 00h 15
The allocated state car of Thierry Henry struck fatally Stephano Andre on Sunday at around 00hr15. Moreover, Henry couple and two other people were in the vehicle. Moments after the accident, Vicky Henry, the wife, informs the Information and Operation Room of the police and Terre-Rouge police went to the site. The young woman of 31 years old said that it was her who was driving the BMW. She was subjected to an alcohol test which revealed negative. Investigators also asked Thierry Henry to undergo this exercise, but he refused, arguing that it was not him who was driving the vehicle. The wife was placed under arrest but being unwell, she was admitted in the clinic.


Sunday 4PM
Thierry Henry went to the police station in Terre Rouge, with his lawyer, Hervé Duval Jr and he said that it was him who was driving the car, not his wife. He was arrested and subsequently taken to the detention center of Pointe aux Cannoniers.

Monday afternoon
The MP is charged in court for manslaughter and upon his release, he said he was panicked but decided to assume his responsibilities when he regained his full senses. His wife faces a charge of “obstructing a Police Officer in the performance of his duties.”

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