Plate Saint-Leu: He Was Selling Big And Large Rats Skinned As “Tangues” For Years Throughout The Island


Karl TECHER is a resident of Saint-Leu, known and respected in the High Southwest small town. Ostensibly, he is a small business manager of his own green spaces but he’s been hiding a dark secret.

During “tangues” hunting periods, he becomes a very effective hunter. For over a decade, the man provides the local market and that is what everyone have been thinking for years. Restaurants and individuals have been buying tenrec (tangues) at 10 euros a unit during the hunting season and this allowed him to reap significant benefits.



His method is impressive, he is envied for his reservation method which seems inexhaustible. It is by seeing a wildlife footage on rodents 14 years ago that he got the very strange idea. The rat is described as an animal whenproperly nurtured can reach an impressive size (close to that of a pitching adult). And the advantage is that its reproduction period is very short and the litters are large in number.

One day he made an experience in his basement to raise large rodents that feed with all the stale food he recovers from different merchants. He tested the flesh of rats by passing dishes to his relatives who were impressed with the meat. The deception seems perfect as no one was seeing the difference, especially when the rat has been emptied, cleared of hair, the tip of its snout and tail looks similar to a (tangues) that has been cleaned. Even the most seasoned hunters do not see the difference once the animal has been skinned and frozen. TECHER who says that he never tasted the rat revealed he made a good deal of this idea. He therefore provide rodents to the local market throughout the year by filling his freezers. A flourishing trade under the appelation “Tangues du Plate” was then set up.




The profits are more when the production increases and TECHER has been investing in technology hardware to optimize performance. However, it was by a sad mistake of precipitation that his idea was discovered. An unhappy customer that saw his meat had “a long disgusting tail” gave the red alert. A profound search by wholesale investigators at his house was the root to Karl TECHER’s secret. In fact, he still regrets the fact that he forgot to cut the rat’s tail when he has been doing the same well for years.

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