Riche-Terre: A Teenager Of 17 Years Old Hit By A Car While Crossing The Road



While crossing the highway at Riche-Terre, a 17-years-old was hit by a car. The accident occurred around 4hr35PM last Sunday. April 3rd. Seriously injured, the young man, who lives in Roche-Bois, was admitted to the SSRN hospital.
Sources revealed that the teenager initially had a fight in a nightclub in the same town when the accident occurred. The teenager have had an altercation with a security guard who would have then pushed him to flee.


The driver of the car, a resident of Moka aged 32, was subjected to an alcohol test that was negative.
On the other hand, a collision occurred at Quatre-Bornes, last Saturday, April 2, between a car and a moped. An inhabitant of Quatre-Bornes aged 56 and his wife, 57, were on the motorbike when the accident occurred. Wounded, they were transported to Victoria Hospital. The driver of the car, a resident of Rose Hill aged 26, was subjected to an alcohol test which proved negative.

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