[VIDEO] Raj Dayal Arrested By ICAC



Former Minister of the Environment and No. 9 MP [Flacq Bon-Acceuil] Raj Dayal was arrested this Wednesday, April 6 under a provisional charge of “bribery by public official” under Article 4 of the Prevention of Corruption Act (PoCA) as part of the investigation of the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) on allegations made against him by the businessman, Patrick Soobhany.
Raj Dayal was presented on Wednesday afternoon, April 6 before the correctional court of Port-Louis for his provisional indictment layout. He was released on parole after providing a bail of Rs 15,000 and signed an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 300,000.


The decision to arrest Raj Dayal was taken after his hearing at the ICAC on Wednesday, April 6 at 13 h 30.
Initially, Raj Dayal was released as a free man from the premises of the ICAC at Reduit. But the ICAC summoned again to inform him that he is under arrest.
Raj Dayal was “under warning” in the investigation of the allegations against him by Patrick Soobhany.
The former environment minister was first heard by the ICAC last Friday, March 25. Asked “under warning” that day, in the premises of the ICAC, Raj Dayal had refused to listen to excerpts from the soundtrack provided to investigators by his accuser Patrick Soobhany.



The ICAC launched an investigation after Patrick Soobhany filed a complaint against Raj Dayal on Tuesday, March 22, 2016. The businessman alleged that Raj Dayal would have asked him a counterparty (the details of which remain to be defined) for his political sidelines activities of the Holi festival in exchange for a green light for a permit Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as part of a construction project at Gros Cailloux. Patrick Soobhany recorded a conversation he says he had with Raj Dayal and filed the soundtrack to the ICAC.
Raj Dayal, alleged victim of a conspiracy, “step down” as environment minister on Wednesday, March 23. The Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth had asked him on that day to “step down” until the ICAC investigation is done.
Me Ajay Daby, one of the lawyers of Raj Dayal, confirmed that his client was arrested under section 4 of the Prevention of Corruption Act (PoCA).

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