Double Murder Camp De Masque Pave: Tushal Identifies The 17 Years Old Suspect



The suspect aged 17, arrested by the police for investigation into the double murder case at Camp de Masque-Pavé on a Friday, February 26, was identified as the one who assaulted Yeshna and Reshma Rughoobin.
It is Tushal, brother of late Yeshna and grand-son of late Reshma Rughoobin, who identified the suspect on Thursday afternoon, April 7 in the premises of the Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT) at central barracks during a procedure of identification.


Two witnesses also participated in a similar exercise last week.
The suspect aged 17 was charged provisionally for killing Yeshna Rughoobin, 14, and her grandmother Rughoobin Reshma, 54, with knives based on a revenge on love background.
The small Tushal escaped with injuries; and has to be hospitalized for a long time. The suspense will be over very soon with the verdict that he will receive.

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