United Kingdom: Life Imprisonment For Two Guilty Of 15 Years Old For A Barbaric Murder



Two British teenage girls aged 15 convicted for brutally murdering an alcoholic wife of 39 years after a five-hour ordeal, were sentenced on Thursday to life in prison with a sentence of 15 years of security.
The two girls, whose names were not made public, were between 13 and 14 years old when they attacked Angela Wrightson at her home in Hartlepool, northeast England, in December 2014.
They killed their victim, nicknamed “Alco Angel” by neighbors, using a shovel, a TV, a coffee table or a studded stick screws. The victim had more than 100 injuries, including 80 in the face.


During the long ordeal of Angela Wrightson, the teens hilariously posed for selfies that they then shared on social networks.
“In our society, it is difficult to imagine that if two girls are capable of such violence,” said Gerry Wareham, services of the Crown Prosecutor (CPS) at the end of the Leeds trial court, describing the attack as “barbaric.”
“Given the severity of the attack inflicted to Miss Wrightson, one might have expected that the girls express remorse after her death. On the contrary, they laughed and smiled while posing for a selfie posted on Snapchat, he detailed.
The two girls went to Miss Wrightson’s place several times, to provide them with alcohol and cigarettes.
The two accused are not the youngest to be sentenced to life imprisonment in England. In 1993, two boys aged only ten years had been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of James Bulger, a two years old child, killed in horrific circumstances in Liverpool, north-west England.

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