Accident At Cite Argy Makes A second Victim


Vivek Jeetoo, 17,  did not survive the injuries after an accident that occurred in Cité Argy, Flacq, Saturday, April 2.
He was on a motorcycle with his cousin of 15 years old when they were struck by a car.
The 15 years old teenager died instantly that day.

Vivek Jeetoo was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Flacq Hospital who passed away on Friday, April 8.
His mother is inconsolable. “Je suis veuve. Aujourd’hui, j’ai perdu mon fils. Auparavant, j’ai perdu mon neveu,” she explains on Radio Plus.
She also said that the car did not stop just after the impact. It was after driving a certain distance that the driver of car realised the impact and stopped, according to Vivek’s mother; after the motorcyclists were dragged a certain distance after the accident.


The two cousins went to a snack to purchase noodles for diner. Unfortunately, they met with an accident while returning back home.
The death of Vivek Jeetoo brings the death toll to 45 since the beginning of the year.

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