Pointe-aux-Sables: Behind The Kidnapping Story



How to sort out the truth from this case? Emilio Humbert, 15, a resident of Camp Firinga in Pointe-aux-Sables, alleges that he was kidnapped in front of his home last Monday, April 4 at around 19HR30. The alleged kidnappers then took the teenager to the police station at Terre Rouge to make a statement in an assault case of one of their relatives, Pauline Nicholson, 16, a resident of Roche-Bois. However, this is something that the police officers cannot confirm. So what has really happened?
Surrounded by his family, Emilio Humbert told us that eight people came out of a van and his relatives claim to have witnessed the scene. The teenager related that his alleged kidnappers promised to return back and destroy everything in the village. The reason: the inhabitants of this village are the cause of the aggression of Pauline Nicholson.


Emilio Humbert told us they wanted to know who had beaten Pauline Nicholson. “Relatives of Ti Joe (Editor’s note: Pauline Nicholson nickname) were armed with swords and clubs. They asked me many questions about the Saturday to Sunday evening. However, I was not at the nightclub that night and know nothing about what happened. They threatened to hurt me if I do not disclose the names of the perpetrators.”
Critical state
Indeed, in the early hours of Sunday, Pauline Nicholson was beaten before being hit by a car. A witness said that the teenager was in a nightclub at Riche-Terre, when he found himself caught between two gangs. As a result of it, five youths, three among them are residents of Camp Firinga, have beaten him before pushing him down the highway at Bois Marchand. Unfortunately, at that precise moment a car traveling towards the North hit him hard. The young man is now in a critical condition at the SSRN Hospital, Pamplemousses and he has already undergone two surgeries.
On Tuesday, April 5, the brother of Pauline Nicholson said that his family and him were all well at Camp Firinga on Monday night but he advances a different story.



Nous étions dans la cité pour avoir des renseignements au sujet de l’agression de Ti JoeMais des gens ont commencé à lancer des projectiles sur le pare-brise de notre fourgonnette. Nous n’avons pas forcé Emilio à prendre place à bord du véhicule, il voulait nous aider. Rien de tout ce qu’il a raconté n’est vrai. Nous ne l’avons pas brutalisé et il n’a jamais été question de kidnapping. Il a tout inventé pour se protéger des agresseurs de mon frère,” says our interlocutor. The latter was at the Central Barracks on Tuesday to make a statement against Emilio Humbert. But he was detained in the kidnapping case.
Ivy Pauline, mother of Ti Joe, feels the same way. “Emilio est venu me rejoindre à la station-service de Roche-Bois. Je lui ai à maintes reprises demandé si on l’avait forcé à le faire. Je l’ai emmené au poste de police de Terre-Rouge pour qu’il témoigne contre les agresseurs de mon fils,” she says. “Je ne lui ferais de mal pour rien au monde. Il n’a que 15 ans et j’ai un fils qui est entre la vie et la mort à l’hôpital. Tout ce que je souhaite, c’est que la police arrive à retracer ses agresseurs,” says Ivy Pauline. She denies the allegations that threats were made to return to Camp Firinga.
Emilio Humbert returned safely home last Monday, hours after. He then filed a complaint against his attackers at the police station of Pointe-aux-Sables. The police of Terre-Rouge has opened an investigation into the Ti Joe aggression. Three residents of Camp Firinga are actively sought.

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