Raj Dayal: “There will be revelations! I’ll be back! “


“There will be revelations! I’ll be back!” This was the first reaction of Raj Dayal after appearing in Intermediate court. Former Minister of the Environment was released against a bail of Rs 15,000 and he signed an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 300 000. Me Avineshwur Dayal, Raj Dayal’s lawyer submitted a motion at the Intermediate court claiming the cancellation of the provisional charge. He said that the accusation is of prejudice to Raj Dayal. The motion will be debated on April 18.

This whole case came after a statement made to the ICAC against former Environment Minister, Raj Dayal. On March 23, the head of the government has asked Raj Dayal to step down as minister so that leads the ICAC completes its inquiry in this case.

Watch video below:


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