Headlines Of Saturday April 9


“A child of 8 years old knows where drug trafficking takes place”

A child of CPE has been found in a semi-comatose state after consuming a synthetic drug. The boy of eight years has already “informed” the police about the place where the sale of the illicit substances takes place … While the fight against drugs is plagued by corruption and fear of reprisals, the social worker Ally Lazer will unveil the name of traffickers before the commission of inquiry on the 18th of April.

Maya Hanoomanjee’s flight trips: What SAJ did not say

Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth has refused to answer a question from Adil Ameer MEEA concerning the flight trips of the Speaker last Tuesday at the Parliament. The L’Express has, however, provided the travel list attributed to Maya Hanoomanjee.


An officer has began his hunger strike

His cause for the hunger strike is for all those officials who have been “degraded and humiliated” by the report of the Pay Research Bureau.

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