The Alleged Killer, Tavish Ausman, Faced Village Insults At Camp De Masque Pave



« Prie bondie li pa sorti lor caution », « Li pena mama, ser, li », « La polis pe escort li, nou ki pe soufer ». This is what we could hear in Camp de Masque-Pavé on Saturday morning, April 9, during the reconstruction of events in the wake of the investigation into the double murder on the 26th of February.

The suspect aged 17 was copiously insulted by residents gathered outside the home of Rughoobin during the exercise.



The police had to set up a heavy security to deal with any eventuality, even with the presence of members of the Special Supporting Unit (SSU).

The suspect came to Camp De Masque Pave under the escort of the police at around 10:20AM, under jeers and insults from the villagers. Wearing a bulletproof vest and a helmet for protection, he told investigators from the Major Crime Investigation Team his every move during the double murder.




He is provisionally charged with killing Yeshna Rughoobin, 14, and her grandmother Rughoobin Reshma, 54, with knives based on a revenge on love background.

The father of Yeshna, Vikram was also present at the reconstruction of events. He admitted that he had all the trouble in the world to contain his emotion. “Le suspect ne soit pas être remis en liberté conditionnelle,” he said at the end of the exercise.

It was shortly before 10:35AM that the reconstruction of the events ended. The suspect left the scene with insults from the villagers.

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