[VIDEO] Tavish Ausman Back In Camp De Masque Pave



Tavish Ausman, the alleged suspect of the double murder steak at Camp de Masque Pave arrived at the house of Rughoobin under the insults of parents and neighbors of the two victims. The reconstruction of events lasted about twenty minutes.

Vikram Rughoobin, the father of one of the victims, Yeshna, argues that today he saw and understood how the murder took place.



Mo ti envi bate li, trap li touye li “, he declared, speaking of the alleged murderer. Relatives who attended the exercise did not retain their emotions too. In fact, relatives, friends and neighbors began to rally in front of the house Rughoobin at around 9AM when the police of Medine arrived at the scene. At 10 AM, the security force was already in place. Around 10:20AM, under heavy police escort, Tavish Ausman arrives in a white van of the police. Officers of the SSU, the MCIT, the ERS, as well as dog owners ensured the smooth running of the exercise.

Watch video below:



The alleged killer was wearing a bulletproof vest and a helmet. He told investigators of MCIT how the attack unfolded. The reconstruction of events ended at 10:40AM and Tavish Ausman left the area still under heavy police escort.

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