Raj Dayal: “There may have been a phone call between two people who have family ties …”


This interview was not conducted in person. Former Environment Minister, Raj Dayal, declined to receive us, being “taken elsewhere.” He nevertheless agreed to answer our questions by email. This did not prevent him from swinging accusations and allegations …

You were splashed with the case of “kouler ball.” Have you picked colors from?
I am calm because I believe in divine justice. But I expect that the investigation of the ICAC is done quickly and transparently. As for me, I have nothing to reproach myself. And I consider myself fortunate to have the support of the family and my constituents. While waiting to get through this, I remain available to them and I stay totally available to all Mauritians, in the interest of the country. I am a public man who was elected and topped the list at No. 9 (Flacq Bon Accueil) in the last election. I received the blessing of the people to be the representative of the constituency in Parliament, but also the confidence of the Prime Minister to take care of the Ministry of Environment. I invested all my skills and all my strength in my work and that, for the sole purpose of being in the service of the nation.

Did you expect to be arrested?
Certainly not ! Especially not over unsubstantiated allegations from a person stuck by Interpol for fraud and crimes, abuse of company property and violence leading to incapacity for work in respect of an individual in France. Besides the fact that a statement was made against the same person in the Child Protection Unit, in Bell-Village this reminds me that I lived at the time when Paul Bérenger was prime minister. He demanded my arrest following allegations made by Antoine Chetty. He had confessed to police of his involvement in several crimes, including drug trafficking. I was arrested and bleached by justice. Today in the ranks of the opposition, the same Bérenger has again demanded my arrest after learning of the charges of another criminal, stuck by Interpol, I repeat.

“Stuck by Interpol,” you say? Do you have more information about it?
I read an article in a newspaper which mentioned these facts. I am a former police commissioner and the smallest details about thugs challenge me.

Going back to your arrest. Investigators at the ICAC let you leave before asking you to come back … How do you explain this back and forth as forced?
After my meeting with the ICAC investigators last Wednesday, they have authorized me to leave. So I went home. I was then informed that I had to return to the offices of the anti-corruption commission. And the rest we all know. The most important for me is to know what happened between my departure and the decision to call me again and retain an interim charge against me. I wonder if there has been a call between two people who have relationship and share the dark and Machiavellian passions … I let the people, intelligent and knowledgeable, to draw their own conclusions. For my part, I will make a statement in due form, time and place, from some information that I consider disturbing. I certainly do not intend to stay quiet.


Do you put yourself into question for the procedures of the arrests?
If I were to answer this question, I will have to start writing novels! However, from a good governance perspective, in relation to the allegations, the most basic thing is to investigate the person issuing the first allegations. It was a practice that existed at the time I was police commissioner. I am a professional and I know my job. But it seems that things have changed with the new generation. We wake up one morning, we are called investigator, the next day a defender and perhaps a “dance gamat” the next day!
I think when it comes to investigation, there should be more seriousness and consider having “the right man in the right place” at the institution’s head, continuous training for investigators and ensure that procedures are fair and above reproach.

So you’re suggesting that the methods of the ICAC are not good …
I am of the opinion that all institutions should be independent in practice and in perception.

In one of your statements, you reference the “mafia”. What “mafia” are you talking about?
The mafia has infiltrated institutions. Confidential documents are made public, as a record, which is believed to be in possession of the ICAC. There are leaks in the discussions taking place within the cabinet, to the detriment of the Official Secrets Act. I will provide details about this mafia in the near future.

“I’ll be back,” you say. You really believe that?
I repeat: I am totally confident.

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