Steeven Kidnap Case: His Mother Relates



Steven, 15, was abducted by individuals on a Monday night. The abduction was linked to an aggression that occurred on a Saturday night at a party at Riche-Terre. The mother of the victim, who lived the most agonizing hours of her existence, had considered the worst even if Steeven returned safe and sound.
It was a night of terror at Camp Firinga, Pointe-aux-Sables last Monday. Steeven (pseudonym) was kidnapped and his kidnappers, a gang of youths traveling in a van, landed armed with swords, clubs and iron bars and forced him to enter the van under the helpless gaze of his friends. This plunged his family into deep anxiety and it was only after two endless hours that the teenager returned home unharmed. Trying to flee from his attackers, he was hit by a car. He has been admitted to the intensive care unit where his condition is considered serious.


Marie-Lourdes, mother of Steeven, thought she won’t see her son alive again. “Mo ti krwar mo garson in fini mor,” she said. Since that night, the neighborhood was living in fear. “Nous craignons que ces gens ne reviennent,” said an aunt of Steeven.
“Ces jeunes auraient tout d’abord dû demander des explications avant d’enlever un innocent,” say the relatives. Steevenis still traumatized by the events. Head down, he struggles to tell us about those two hours of absence. Encouraged by his family, he managed to put some words.
The teenager says he was with his friends a few meters from his house and it was around 7:30PM. “Nous étions en train de jouer aux cartes lorsqu’un van a surgi de nulle part,” he recounts. There were several men in the vehicle. Initially, Steeven and his friends thought that it was the police. ” Nous avions cru qu’ils étaient de l’Adsu ou de la CID. Mais lorsque nous avons vu leurs sabres, leurs barres de fer et leurs gourdins, cela a été le sauve-qui-peut général. Chacun est parti de son côté,” he said.



Bad luck
In the mess, Steeven stumbles and is knocked down. “Zot finn pran mwa, zot finn zet mwa dan van”. Alone with these strong guys, the teen had no choice but to comply. “Si to pa koze, nou pou rass to zong lame lipie,” launched one of the kidnappers. “J’avais très peur,” said the teenager. Meanwhile, the vehicle hit the road.
At Camp Firinga, Marie-Lourdes and Serge, Steeven’s parents, was trying to understand what happened. They do not know the reasons behind this kidnapping. “Nou finn telefonn Partou,” they say. The Pointe-aux-Sables police carried out an inspection in the area without result. Steeven’s sister also tried to understand what had happened. She managed to speak with one of the kidnappers of his brother by phone. “Un jeune m’a dit de lui passer mon cellulaire. Il a composé un numéro et il m’a tendu l’appareil. J’ai entendu une voix masculine. Monn koz ek mo frer. Linn dir mwa li pann gagn nanie,” she said.
Nothing to do with aggression
On board of the van, Steeven is beset with questions. ” Ils m’ont interrogé. Ils m’ont demandé mon nom et mon adresse. Ils m’ont demandé les noms de quatre autres jeunes qui s’étaient rendus à une soirée organisée le samedi 2 avril à Riche-Terre. Ils m’ont aussi relaté l’agression d’un jeune survenue ce soir-là. Je leur ai dit que je n’étais pas à cette fête et que je n’avais rien fait. Monn dir zot mo pena nanie a fer ek sa agresion la,” said the teenager.
After twenty minutes, the vehicle stopped. ” Nous sommes descendus du van et j’ai rencontré la mère de Nicolson, le garçon qui a été agressé. Elle leur a dit de ne me faire aucun mal. Nous nous sommes ensuite rendus au poste de police de Terre-Rouge. Je leur ai donné les noms de quatre jeunes qui s’étaient rendus à la soirée.” The vehicle left me on the main road, and a motorcyclist wearing a helmet, dropped me off at Grand River North West. I returned home by foot,” recalled the teenager. It was shortly after 10PM that he finally arrived home. “They did not hurt me,” he says. In the wake of this investigation, the CID of Port-Louis has arrested Alfredo Agathe, the half brother of Nicolson.
Other suspects are being seriously sought.

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