Varusha Pirrapu: Tamil Council Wants Justice



“ariv ceki ariv, nu pa pu cede.” Gathered in front of the Parliament last Monday, March 28, members of the Tamil Council claimed that the Tamil New Year was declared a national holiday. Varusha Tirappu will be celebrated on Thursday 14th of April.

A letter was submitted to the Prime Minister Office where the Tamil Council does not exclude the possibility of appeal to the Supreme Court if their request is not approved by the authorities.



In fact, Varusha Pirrapu was declared a public holiday following a decision of the Council of Ministers on the 12th of June 2015, then amendments were made to the Public Holidays Bills in November. The Tamil New Year was then removed from the list of holidays. The Prime Minister had suggested that this was done at the request of the Mauritius Tamil Temples Federation.




l y a une confusion. Aucune entité ne s’est prononcée contre cette proposition. On avait dit que le nouvel an tamoul serait férié. Et qu’il y aurait une alternance entre le Cavadee et le nouvel an,” said the president of the Tamil Council, Devarajen Kanaksabee.

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