Soundtrack: Evidence Against A Sports Ministry Advisor



“I will be ruthless if it turns out that these allegations are true.” This is what the Minister of Youth and Sports, Yogida Sawmynaden stated to L’Express last Sunday. And we learnt that one of his advisers, who would be involved in a case of alleged corruption following the circulation of a soundtrack, will be suspended until light is shed on this affair.
In this soundtrack, we hear the consultant and a contractor discussing payment of a pot of wine for the allocation of a contract by the Mauritius Sports Council (MSC). The contractor, who is represented by Faizal Boodhoo, made a formal complaint to the Anti-Corruption Commission earlier this week to denounce a “maldonne” in the call of an attempted bribery. To avoid any kind of pressure, he also applied for a Precautionary Measure. The contractor would have made its intentions clear to the Minister of Youth and Sports.


“The Department is not aware of the contracts awarded by the MSC.”
The counselor should explain himself before the board of the MSC. We tried, at the time of writing this article, to enter into relations with Sarah Rawat, president of the board of this organization. She was not available for reaction.



Questioned on Sunday 10 April, Yogida Sawmynaden states that “it is not the Ministry of Youth and Sports that makes the allocation of contracts, but the MSC.” This is confirmed by a source to L’Express “. The Department is not aware of the contracts awarded by the MSC,” according to our interlocutor.
Moreover, the Minister has made a complaint against a weekly newspaper for libel on Monday, April 11.

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