[Video] The Union Worker Brizmohun “determined” In Her fight For Civil Servants



On her second day of hunger strike, Bhoopa Brizmohun says she’s been comforted by many civil servants. The General Secretary of the Government General Services Union (GGSU) revealed that she is “determined” to continue her protest. Since Monday, March 11, she began a hunger strike to denounce the new report of the Pay Research Bureau.


For Rashid Imrith, the lack of consideration in the recent Pay Research Bureau report for public service manual workers is one of the main causes of dissatisfaction. The president of the GGSU denounces the many years of service an official at the bottom of the ladder must work to reduce the wage gap between him and senior officials. Imrith laments the lack of communication and support from the Minister of Public Service, Alain Wong.

Watch video below:




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