At Quatre-Bornes: A Gang Of Masked Thieves Sows Terror



The emission Lévé Maurice recently reported the case that the people of Quatre-Bornes fear more for their safety. A gang of masked thieves have been rampant in the City of flowers and the police seems helpless before their actions.
According to our information, a few days ago a member of the gang broke into a place of worship for stealing gold jewelery from a lady before running away with the help of another person who was on a motorcycle waiting outside.


According to witnesses, this band of masked robbers are circulating freely in the city, mainly on motorcycles. They are revealed that the thugs in question were even armed and would target their prey well in advance and then attack them where they are least expected.
A social worker speaking to Top FM, but in anonymity for fear of reprisals said that the inhabitants of Quatre-Bornes are increasingly living in fear, and can be attacked at any time. According to our interlocutor, there are also a lack of police presence in the region, contributing to growing insecurity among the inhabitants.

Additionally, not only inhabitants of Quatre Bornes that are a victim of this phenomenon. Last Sunday, a similar situation occurred in Vallee Des Pretres. The people complain about the number of thefts are increasing and question about the insecurity there. According to our intersections, burglars are acting in the absence of the occupants of the houses to commit their crime, even carrying away the furniture, televisions and washing machine.

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