Lee Ann Palmarozza Case: The South African billionaire Peter Wayne Roberts not guilty this afternoon mid



This afternoon the Assize Court gave its verdict and the South African billionaire Peter Wayne Roberts was acquitted by a majority of seven against 2. After a few hours of waiting, Peter Wayne Roberts left the courtroom as a free man.
After almost 1 year and 3 months in police custody, Peter Wayne Roberts regained freedom. He was accused of murdering his girlfriend, Lee Ann Palmarozzza, found dead in a pool of a luxury villa in December 2014.


Peter Wayne Roberts came out victorious and is now a free man. His lawyer Gavin Glover argues in a brief statement that the judicial has done its job.
For his part, Mr. Mehdi Manrakhan, counsel for the prosecution, said that there was evidence in this case that we should not ignore.
Despite the verdict, questions still arise. How traces of injuries on the body of the victim were caused?



The foreign forensic pathologist who testified at the trial stated that these injuries could have been caused during resuscitation exercise of the victim and swept the assertions of Dr. Kumar Gungadin. A testimony that weighed heavily in this trial.
Peter Wayne Roberts intends to hold a press conference later this week.

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