Murder of Soupamah Pajaniandy, 80 Years Old – Four Young Men Arrested



An interim charge of “murder” has been brought against Yudishtil Kheerodhur, 22, Allan Sevathean, 23, Dhanish Dookhee, 20 and Viterissen Sabapathee, 19, who were arrested in connection with the murder of Soupamah Pajaniandy, 80 years of age. They appeared in court of Rose Hill on Wednesday, April 13 and the police objected to their release on parole.



The tension was palpable in the court of Rose Hill and a hundred of people were present, including relatives of the octogenarian and suspects, a few of them shouting: “Assassin! Criminal!” The shouts were heard when they came out of the police vehicle.




Around 4PM on Friday, April 8, the old lady was found dead in her house in Quatres Bornes. “Enn madam inn vinn kriyé mwa pou dir mwa vinn get Pakion pa koné kinn ariv li. Létan monn alé, monn konstat so léta, monn alert so garson ek lapolis,” said the niece of the victim. The octogenarian was lying on her stomach in her dining room, gagged and hands tied.

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