Possession Of Cannabis Seeds: The Mannequin Om Lombard In Police Cell



An interim charge of “possession of cannabis seeds” has been brought against him. The international model, Robin Maximilien Philippe Pascal Lombard Truche, known as Om Lombard, was arrested in Grand Bay on Wednesday. The inhabitant of Roche Terre, Grand Gaube, appeared in the court of Mapou on Thursday, April 14.

The police objected to his release on parole and the court did not grant him a conditional release. He was taken to the premises of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) where he will be questioned in the presence of his lawyer, Assad Peeroo. The model has also been prohibited from leaving the country.

It was around 16hr50 on Wednesday that the team of ADSU raided Zoomanie Pet Shop found in Grand Baie and managed by Om Lombard. They have discovered boxes containing food for birds, mixed with cannabis seeds.



The survey is conducted by the assistant superintendent of police Emanbaccus in collaboration with ADSU of the Metropolitan Division.

Alleged theft
The owner of Zoomanie Pet Shop also expressed concern in a case of “theft” of a macaw.

The case dates back to the 10th of July 2015. Martine Fok Chak, owner of Marks Aquarium Ltd., made a complaint to the Baie-du-Tombeau police following the disappearance of his macaw. Several months passed until in early April, a close relative  informs him that he spotted the bird in Zoomanie Pet Shop in Grand Baie. Martine Fok Chak then went on site and identified his parrot. She made a new statement to the police and the case wass assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Abercrombie.




New twist on Saturday, April 9th. Martine Fok Chak makes a complaint to the Baie-du-Tombeau police and he alleges Om Lombard, manager of the pet shop, and his assistant presented themselves to the pet shop and allegedly tried to intimidate her to withdraw her complaint.

“These are lies,” says Alina Ramachundrun, shop Manager of Zoomanie Pet Shop and assistant of Om Lombard. She concedes that they went to the pet shop of Martine Fok Chak and the latter, she said, would have insulted them. “Il y avait bien trois hommes présents mais on ignore leur identité. Ils ont été les témoins de la scène.”

And to insist, in the process, that “the purchase of the macaw was done properly. We have an invoice.” Alina Ramachundrun explains that they were summoned to the CID of Abercrombie with the parrot on April 4. Faced with allegations from Martine Fok Chak, they will make a “serious consideration” to sue her for defamation.

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