A “PEDOPHILE” Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison

“Il est un pédophile typique et la Cour a un devoir de protéger des enfants vulnérables de ce genre d’individu,” says Azam Neerooa, judge of the Intermediate Court, against a Mason of 55 years old accused of indecent act with two sisters aged 9 and 11 years old respectively.

The man was sentenced on Thursday, April 14 for seven years in prison after being convicted on all 10 counts against him.

The offenses, according to the prosecution, were committed between January and June 2014. The defendant was accused of engaging in sexual touching, on five occasions, on both victims.



At the opening of his trial, he pleaded guilty to the 10 charges against him. He admitted the facts and cooperated with the police.


Vulnerable Children

How the accused proceeded: he attracted his victims by buying them cakes and drinks; in return he had engaged in sexual touching with them.

The defendant admitted that he was attracted to his victims. One of them spoke to one of her relatives who ended the “games” of the accused.




In his judgment, the magistrate Azam Neerooa suggests that in this case it is young children who are subject to sexual touching. He noted that the accused used a method to lure his victims and they were qualified as “vulnerable children” by the Court.

According to the court, the accused can not control his sexual urges. This is also seen as a typical pedophile. “Étant donné la gravité des délits, la Cour a un devoir de protéger ceux qui sont vulnérables,” says the magistrate Azam Neerooa.

For these reasons, he sentenced the defendant to seven years of penal servitude under each of the charges against him. He will serve as the principle of non-accumulation of penalties.

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