Club Med Albion: Youngsters Cause Terror

They were all under the influence of alcohol and drugs and these young people would sow panic around the Club Med in Albion. Some do not hesitate to even enter the grounds of the hotel establishment … After several cases of robbery and assault were reported, the police and the Prime Minister were alerted.
Pascal Toussaint, Resident Manager of Club Med Albion, said that it is especially during the weekends and holidays that things degenerate. Young people, he says, are installed on a pier located at the opposite of the hotel to drink and take drugs. Ensuing fights. Two weeks ago, continues the Resident Manager, the security guards of the hotel had to intervene to calm the situation. They were also assaulted.


Cette situation affecte les activités de l’établissement hôtelier. Nous ne pouvons pas empêcher le public d’utiliser la plage publique, mais la plage artificielle et le ponton ont été construits par l’hôtel pour les clients,” says Pascal Toussaint.
An advisor from the Black River district will have a meeting with the police official in the western division. A report on the current situation at the Club Med Albion will be given.



The hotel management has, meanwhile, already submitted a report to the Prime minister’s office and the Police Commissioner. According to Pascal Toussaint, “meetings were held between management, police, coastguards and Beach Authority.”

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