Found At Pointe Du Diable: The Body Of Ibrahim Sawodogo Will Be Repatriated To Libya

The father of Ibrahim Sawadogo, who was found dead in Pointe-du-Diable, arrived in Mauritius on Thursday, April 14th. He started the process for the body of his son to be repatriated to Lebanon.
The National Coast Guard of Deux Freres found Sawodogo Ibrahim, aged 21 on the 8th of April around 9:30AM. He was hanging from a structure used for aquaculture and nearby the marine farm of Mahébourg.


Sawodogo Ibrahim, who was studying at the University of Medine, was last see on the 5th of April. He did not attend university on the day before and the day he was found dead. Born to a Lebanese father and a Mauritian mother, the young man had dual citizenship. He lived with a friend in Mahébourg. It is the latter who alerted the police of his disappearance last Monday, April 11.



The Criminal Investigation Division of Mahébourg under the supervision of the inspector Ragoonundun, did not rule out the thesis of foul play. An amount of Rs 10,000 was missing from the account of Ibrahim Sawodogo. The ATM surveillance cameras will be observed by the police in order to draw any conclusion.

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