Lotto Winner – Serge A. Invested Rs 40 Million In Bramer Asset Management

“I did not steal that money. It’s my money!” says Serge A. who invested Rs 40 million in Bramer Asset Management (BAM). A sum he won from the LOTO lottery … He was in Port Louis last Friday, April 15, at the event of BAM customers and holders of the insurance policy Super Cash Back Gold.

Serge A. says he won about Rs 44 million from the Lotto in 2013. “I kept a small portion and have invested the rest in the BAM. The first year everything went well, I received interest, etc.,” he said. Then the scandal broke. Serge A., who had started to build a house for his son, had to stop everything. “I’ll have to sell the house,” he sighs.
“I did not steal that money. When and how to get it back?” he said in despairs.

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