A Mauritian Trial For The Murder Of His Girlfriend In Switzerland

Pour que la disparition de notre fille ne reste pas dans les esprits comme un banal fait divers.” It is in this context that Roland and Jenny Sheelag, Swiss, trusted the online newspaper Tribune de Genève. Their daughter Ashleigh was killed at the age of 25 years and his alleged killer – her boyfriend – will face justice on Thursday, April 21. He’s a cook from Mauritius origin.



The man, aged thirty years old, has confessed the crime and he even sent a letter of apology to the victim’s parents. However the father is adamant: “Forgiveness is not an option. Never.”

The drama took place in October 2014. Ashleigh and the cook, a man of morbid jealousy, quarreled. At one point during the night, the young woman died strangled.




“Our daughter had bad patches, but she was back to school. She had taken a new start, had blossomed. And it is at that moment that she’s gone,” says Roland Jenny. And his wife testified: “When I see a young woman who looks like her, this makes me shiver.”

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