Double Murder Of Camp De Masque Pavé-: Tavish Made New Revelations

“At one point, I wanted to kill them all before ending my life.” This was said by Tavish, 17, the alleged murderer of Yeshna and Reshma Rughoobin to investigators from the Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT) on Saturday, April 16, during his interrogation. It was in the presence of his lawyer, Me Utam Hurnauth that the inhabitant of Mare aux Goyaves explained that he went to the Rughoobin family to put pressure on them. “Je croyais que Yeshna allait prendre peur et m’épouser. Je me suis rendu chez eux pour qu’elle se marie avec moi,” he told investigators.



He stressed that the day of the tragedy, he had a fixed idea in mind, that to marry Yeshna, 14 years at all costs. Tavish waited for her mother, Babita to leave home to fetch his brother and sister from school to go to Yeshna’s place. With two arms, he first went to the nearby shop to buy tape rolls. He then took the road that leads to the house of Rughoobin.




The teen told investigators that he was aware that only Reshma Rughoobin was at home at this particular time. Faced with the bloodhounds of the MCIT, the young man revealed that he did not want to let Yeshna join her parents in Australia and the comments made on Facebook page from Yeshna’s friends made him green with envy. However, he had an altercation with her grandmother and the situation quickly escalated.

After the interrogation, which lasted more than two hours, the alleged murderer was sent at the juvenile center of Petite-Rivière. He will appear in court next Thursday.

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