Marijuana Seeds For Feeding Birds? Om Lombard’s Defenders Say That Industrial Hemp Is Not A Drug!

The lawyers involved in the defense of Om Lombard and Sadasiven Mooneyan argue that the law does not prohibit agricultural or industrial hemp, but Indian hemp commonly called “Gandia”.

Are hemp seeds in the bird food banned in Mauritius? This question is nagging volatile owners since the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) has arrested the French model, Robin Maximilien Philippe Lombard Truche, better known as Om Lombard last Wednesday, April 13. Investigators accuse him of having provided food for birds suspected of containing gandia to Sadasiven Mooneyan, 19, manager of a pet store in Curepipe. The latter was arrested on Sunday, April 10.




Rama Valayden and Gavin Glover, lawyers of Sadasiven Mooneyan and Om Lombard, already have a line of defense. They consider that the Mauritian law prohibits the use, possession and sale of marijuana hemp and not agricultural or industrial Canadian, Chinese and French hemp used in food, construction and cosmetics, among others. They argue that the tetrahydrocannabinol level (THC, known for its psychoactive effects, Editor’s note) of industrial hemp is lower than that of Indian hemp.

Having already defended a client in a similar case, Mr. Rama Valayden added that this type of product has been authorized for importation by the Ministry of Agro Industry. Later in the week, the Belgian company Versele-Laga, whose products were seized at the pet shop of Curepipe, even sent a correspondence to an importer to certify that its products contain hemp with low THC content ( Click document below to Enlarge).


Industrial Hemp Document


But ADSU did not agree. For them, hemp contains THC. An official also said that the Latin word hemp is cannabis. Pending the report of the Forensic Science Laboratory, Om Lombard remains in police custody. He was charged with possession and provisional drug trafficking in the court of Mapou after a thirty bird food boxes suspected of containing Gandia, was seized from his home and his pet shop in North.

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