Bamboos: Hit By A Car, A Motorcyclist Died After Two Days

The list of road accidents is increasing in Mauritius. Shibchurn Sardana, a resident of Ghandhi Lane, Alley Tamarin, Bambous, aged 49, succumbed to his injuries after two days in Jeetoo hospital in Port-Louis on Saturday, April 16. An autopsy by Dr. Maxwell Monvoisin, pathologist attributed his death from forty multiple head injuries.

The victim was on a motorcycle in Bambous, near the stadium Germain Comarmond, around 19 h 10 on Thursday, April 14, when he was hit hard by a car that did not stop.
The driver, a resident of Circonstance, St. Pierre, aged 27, went to the police station soon after the accident where he is held in police custody.


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