Inquiry: Ally Lazer Slams 136 “DRUG TRAFFICKERS” Including Politicians

Monday, April 18 was the resumption of the work for the inquiry commission on drugs.

The session was marked by the hearing of the social worker, Ally Lazer who filed an envelope containing 136 names of “drug traffickers”.

High profile names such as politicians, officers of the drug squad [ADSU] and pharmacists are on the list, according to Ally Lazer, who describes them as “large and small drug dealers”.

Ally Lazer has submitted the list to the President of the Commission of Inquiry, Paul Lam Shang Leen, former Judge of the Supreme Court.

At his hearing Ally Lazer also cited the Gro Derek case and the Amsterdam case, Mauritius France regarding Subutex trafficking and the “greatest notorious drug dealer in Plaine-Verte”.


The name of a political agent was also listed. According to Ally Lazer, the man have received several land from the State and he used these for the cultivation of cannabis.

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