The Man Found Near A Lake In Bel Etang Did Not Drown

Everyone thought that it was a case of drowning but the autopsy performed by the Dr. Shaila JankeeParsad, Police Medical Officer, on the body of Raj Abba, 56, whose corpse was found near a lake in Bel Etang on Saturday, attributed the death to acute pulmonary edema. For now, all indications are that this could have been caused by alcohol, because the victim had a penchant for the bottle. However, only toxicology testing that will be performed at a later stage will conclude the exact cause of death.



It was around 5:30 pm Saturday that the Camp de Masque police were alerted to this gruesome discovery. Summoned to the scene, divers of the Mauritian Police Intervention Group have recovered the corpse before it was taken to the morgue of Victoria Hospital, Candos, for purposes of autopsy.

Abba Raj’s funeral was held on Sunday morning in Bel Etang. He was cremated at the crematorium in town.


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