Deadly Dispute In Grand Gaube: New Arrest Made

New element in the case of Rudolf Von Ow, the German who passed away on Sunday, April 17 at the SSRN hospital after being injured with knife. While his widow, Marylyne Von Ow was arrested the day of the incident, her son has also been arrested.

A provisional charge of “obstructing police” and “bearing offensive weapons” was lodged against the man aged 32 on Monday, April 18. He had a knife in his possession. He was released on parole after paying a paper fee of Rs 680 and signed an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 20,000.

As for Marylyne Von Ow, 53, she appeared in Pamplemousses court on Monday, April 18. A provisional charge of involuntary manslaughter was brought against her. The resident of Grand Gaube was sent back in police cell.

It was a domestic dispute that turned into a drama in Grand Gaube. During questioning, Marylyne Von Ow explained to the Goodlands criminal police that her husband, 66 years old threatened her with a knife. To defend herself, she pushed him on a sofa where he fell and was accidentally stabbed by himself, she said.


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