Cancer: Drugs Out Of Stock

The drugs used for the treatment against cancer is currently out of stock. This has been the situation since a week and the Ministry of Health says that a contingency plan has been developed.
The stocks in regional hospitals will be used in the meantime, says a source in the ministry. If this stock is exhausted, the department will then buy the drugs needed from the private sector.
The Ministry of Health has, at this stage, not explained the circumstances in which this situation occurred. But according to a source, officers realized that the stock of medicines against cancer was exhausted only two weeks before. And no new orders have not yet been delivered up to date.

However, no information on the date of the order was placed and which drugs have been ordered were given. In the areas concerned, we understand that the delivery should be made towards the end of the month.
Meanwhile, in hospitals, patients are discontent and slam the authorities for this situation.


A resident of the lower plaines Wilhems, whose mother is suffering from cancer, said she went to the pharmacy of the Victoria Hospital in Candos on Monday, April 18 since she had to retrieve medicine for her mother. However, the pharmacist made her realize that there was no cancer drugs in their stock.
“I told him that we only had a single tablet. The lady told me that my mother was lucky to have at least one tablet because other patients are without medication for several days … ”

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