[SHOCKING] She Throws Boiling Water On Her Husband

A bus driver, 40 years of age, finds himself in the burn unit at Victoria Hospital, Candos since Monday night after his wife Lakwantee, 37 years of age, poured boiling water onto him.

Goodlands police arrested her on Tuesday and she confessed. She told investigators that on Monday evening she was preparing dinner when her husband, who was under the influence of alcohol, broke into the kitchen and began to insult her.

“My husband tried to attack me and in a fit of anger, I threw boiling water on him,” she said.

The health of the man who burned his legs and private parts is improving. His wife appeared in court of Pamplemousses after the interrogation where a provisional charge with premeditated aggression is against her. Police have objected to her release on parole and she was taken back into police cell.


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