Lajputh Kotowaroo Recognized As Guilty For Raping A Former Student Of The UoM

He was charged with raping a former student of the University of Mauritius (UoM). Lajputh Kotowaroo, a professional driver, was convicted by magistrates, Renuka Dabee and Vijay Appadooat the Intermediate Court on Wednesday 20th of April.

The judges said that the version of the victim was plausible and that the phone records confirmed his intentions. The sentence will be announced later.

The case dates back to 22nd of September 2008 in Henrietta. The victim, a 22 years old student, was in training at Air Mauritius. Lajputh Kotowaroo was responsible for the travel of the employees of the airline company. On September 17, 2008, he proposed to drop her home and took the opportunity to ask for her mobile number.


On September 22, the driver took another route and stopped in a sugarcane field and he insisted on having sex with the girl. They started to discuss and the student fell before injuring herself. That’s when the driver raped her.

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