Natural Disasters: First Tsunami Simulation Exercise At Au Morne Village

Strong mobilization of the police force as the SSU, the SMF, the National Coast Guard, officers from La Gaulette Police Station, Tamarin firefighters were all in place for a tsunami Simulation Exercise in Le Morne yesterday morning.

Watch video below:



[Editor’s Thought] The above is a simulation exercise and after watching the video, what are your views? Please note that a real situation is much more serious than the one shown in the video. Also, it is important to note that when an accident or incident happens, we often do not see medical staffs, police officers or SMF join hands like they are doing in the simulation (except in some cases and taking into consideration the opinions of other victims). They need to apply the same for every incidents or accidents. The officers and medical staffs need to work hard everyday and be trained for such events more occasionally. Please share your views.


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