Port-Louis Street Vendors: Minister Anwar Husnoo Maintains His Decision

“The removal of street hawkers contributes to the improvement of the situation in Port-Louis. ”
This is what was said by the Minister of Local Government, Husnoo Anwar in a press conference on Thursday afternoon April 21, after the refusal of some hawkers to be relocated on the two sites identified by the mayor of Port -Louis.
For Anwar Husnoo, there is no question of giving up. He maintains that hawkers will have to work at the Immigration’s place and Decaen Street in Port Louis.

Husnoo Anwar says he was scheduled to meet Hydar Ryman, spokesman of the Common Front street vendors except that he came to see him with his legal counsel.
Husnoo Anwar said he objected to the presence of legal counsel; adding that the relocation of street vendors contributes to the improvement of “Law and Order” in Port Louis.
“I’ve had several meetings with Hydar Ryman. I am sorry. My office is not a court of law. He never presented with his legal counsel in the past. The government decided not to allow street vendors to operate in the streets. They have no choice but to work in both places. We maintain our position.”


“À Port-Louis, ces derniers trois jours, la différence est flagrante. Le trafic est plus fluide et les piétons peuvent marcher sans problème. Ce [jeudi matin 21 avril], nous avions eu une rencontre avec les policiers qui nous ont affirmé que les pickpockets ont diminué, de même que [la présence] de “drug pedlars””
“I repeat. We do not prevent street vendors to work,” said Anwar Husnoo, accompanied by the Lord Mayor, Oumar Kholeegan at the press conference.

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