Roches Noires Case: Formal Indictment Against Navin Ramgoolam

Former Prime Minister, Navin Ramgoolam faces a formal charge of conspiracy in connection with the investigation into the burglary at his bungalow in Roches Noires on the night of 2 to 3 July 2011 since the 19th of April.
Two former senior police officers, Dev Jokhoo and Rampersad Sooroojebally, were charged under the same charge.
Rakesh Gooljaury, fourth protagonist in that case was sentenced on Monday, April 18 by the intermediate court in a separate trial.
It is alleged that Navin Ramgoolam, Dev Jokhoo and Rampersad Sooroojebally have acted with Rakesh Gooljaury for him to report an imaginary case to the police on the 3rd of July 2011. The indictment was lodged before the magistrate, Niroshini Ramsoondar at the intermediate court. The case will be called on May 2.
Rakesh Gooljaury, considered as a close friend of Navin Ramgoolam when he was in power, and former business partner of Nandanee Soornack, close friend of the former prime minister [see below], pleaded guilty on a formal charge of “Effecting public mischief” on Monday, April 11 at the intermediate court.

Rakesh Gooljaury admitted having given a false statement to the police on Navin Ramgoolam guidelines to make them believe that it was him who was robbed at the bungalow of the former Prime Minister in Roches Noires in the night of 2 to 3 July 2011.
But Rakesh Gooljaury reversed his version four years later, after Navin Ramgoolam was dropped as the Prime Minister in December 2014. The businessman said in his separate trial in the Intermediate Court that Navin Ramgoolam was in the bungalow with Nandanee Soornack’s company when a thief broke there.
Also, Rakesh Gooljaury revealed that Navin Ramgoolam had a bloodied chest after he was attacked with a screwdriver. The former prime minister told him to “pran sarz”.
According to Rakesh Gooljaury, the DCP Dev Jokhoo has arranged to give false statement to the police on July 3, 2011. Rakesh Gooljaury also said that he had no choice but to help his friend who was, moreover, the prime minister of the country.
Rakesh Gooljaury said he will cooperate with the police and he will testify against Navin Ramgoolam, Dev Jokhoo and Rampersad Sooroojebally in this case.
Rakesh Gooljaury was sentenced last Monday, April 18 and convicted to three months in prison by the magistrate, Renuka Devi Dabee. His sentence was however suspended while a social investigation on him to determine if he should perform community service instead of serving three months in prison. Rakesh Gooljaury will be back before the Intermediate Court on May 4.


Rakesh Gooljaury and Navin Ramgoolam have a common point: Nandanee Soornack. It was her who introduced Rakesh Gooljaury, her business partner at that time, to the former prime minister.
Rakesh Gooljaury support during his trial that he was ” bien camarade ” with Navin Ramgoolam and that’s why he agreed to “pran sarz” when the former Prime Minister asked.
This “friendship” lasted for about fifteen years until the defeat of Navin Ramgoolam in December 2014. The legislative former prime minister loses a friend and this electoral debacle also led to the departure of Nandanee Soornack towards Italy.
The businesswoman, who says her child is the sole heir of the Ramgoolam dynasty, now does not want to return, but faces an extradition request by the Mauritian authorities.

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