Drugs: Two Schoolboys Collapse During Recess Time In A Northern College

The police station in Rivière du Rempart opened an investigation after two schoolboys were unwell during school hours. They have consumed drugs. Admitted to the North hospital, the young students revealed the name of the person who gave them this illicit substance. In fact, it was a classmate who gave them the drug.

The latter was in turn questioned and a search was conducted at his home. No drugs were found. The other two college students, who are in Upper VI and Lower VI were subjected to a blood test for the needs of a toxicological analysis. They were allowed to leave the hospital on Thursday, the 21st of April.

The men of the police superintendent assistant, Vinesh Boodhun will have to complete the investigation before the case is submitted to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, who will decide how to proceed. For now, no one was arrested.

“The students were not in a normal state. Everything seemed to indicate that they had used an illicit substance.”

The incident took place in a regional North college during recess, on Tuesday, April 19. Three students have smoked but two of them began to laugh and cry at the same time before collapsing in the yard of the school.

Other college students alerted the management. “The students were not in a normal state. Everything seemed to indicate that they had consumed an illicit substance or synthetic drugs,” says one person in the areas concerned.


“Students are monitored.”
The direction of the college called the medical emergency and the two youth were rushed to the hospital for assistance service. Their parents were informed of the situation. On Thursday, the parent of one of the students made a transfer request and the motion was approved.

“The college has reported the case to the police,” says the concerned perosn to the Ministry of Education. They added that no disciplinary decision has been taken yet, because we expect the impact of the police investigation.

However, he says that the college management has redoubled vigilance during school hours. “Students are monitored,” he said. He added that monitoring will be conducted since they suspect that more students have smoked the drug.

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