Bones Found At Terre Rouge: “I expect the report to confirm that this is my son”

They searched the mountainside of Morcellement Raffray on the 21st April but the Terre-Rouge Police and the Criminal Investigation Division could not find the skull belonging to the corpse that was found there on Wednesday, April 20. The artist, Andy Penelope’s identity card and his clothes were found the same day.

But is this the young man of 28 years old who went missing in September? In the absence of the skull, bones samples were sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory for identification. Results are expected in three weeks to a month. Given the state of the body, the cause of the death could not be established.

At the Penelope family in Batterie-Cassée, they are already beginning to mourn. A green tent was set up to accommodate the relatives of the young man. A candle and a picture are displayed on a small table. “We pray that he rests in peace,” says the mother of the artist, Joseline.

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Body Of Andy Found Near The Mountains Terre Rouge

She says it was around 6PM on Wednesday that the police from Terre Rouge have informed that they have found “enn kadav ek kart idantité mo garson a-koté“. In fact, workers of a Port-Louis construction company made the gruesome discovery.

Joseline Penelope went to the police station for a statement where they showed her a cell phone, a lighter and the identity card. Friends of Andy who had accompanied her mother confirmed that the objects belonged to the young man.

“I kept hoping to see him in good shape”
Joseline Penelope was even more shocked when they showed her clothes found on the body at the SSRN hospital. “A blue tracksuit with red and white stripes and a red jacket. These were the clothes of my son,” says Joseline Penelope. But she refused to jump to conclusions. “I expect the report to confirm that it’s him.”

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Police and CID search for the body's crane

If the police thinks of a suicide theory, it does not rule out a criminal act too. A rope has also been found hanging from a tree, but the police have not found anything near the body that could have helped the victim to climb that tree.

For her part, Andy Penelope’s mother rejects the idea that her son could commit suicide. “I refuse to believe it,” she said. “He worked thoroughly to launch his album with his friends. He had plans. ”

Andy Penelope went missing on September 29, 2015. “I kept hoping to see him in good shape,” she says. Since the death of his father, the artist took care of her family, including her disabled brother.

You can watch the video here, if you missed it.

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