“If I lose the appeal, I have already made my decision,” said Pravin Jugnauth

He is prepared for any eventuality. First scenario: he wins his appeal in the MedPoint case. In this case, “Prémié minis pou désid mo sor“. Or, “mo perdi é monn fini pran mo décision.” What is the decision? “Évidemment, je ne vais pas dire ce que j’ai décidé en public.” This was what was said by Pravin Jugnauth last Wednesday, April 20, at the laying of the foundation stone at the council village of Rivière-des-Anguilles. Event which was also attended by ministers Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, Ivan Collendavelloo and Anwar Husnoo, among others.

Jugnauth is however not the only member of the majority of government to have been the subject of a police investigation or a trial. He cited the case of Raj Dayal. “Mo pa pou ziz dimounn,” he began. Before expressing his “solidarity” towards members of his party. “Lanket bizin fer dan transparans mé fodé pa éna persékision,” he stressed.
He also conceded that MSM party is “going through difficult times.” “Mo pa nié, mo pa la pou dir tou bo.” And if there are things that could have been improved in the MSM, he adds, as his role as a leader is to ensure that “nous concentrions toute notre énergie et nos efforts afin de mener à bien la mission que nous a confié le peuple. C’est ma priorité.
“Éna dé trwa latet félé, éna dé trwa malprop, manter dan sa pei la ki fer enn travay pa néséser.”


For his part, the Minister Ivan Collendavelloo drew a parallel between his situation and that of Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo. “Éna dé trwa latet félé, éna dé trwa malprop, manter dan sa pei la ki fer enn travay pa néséser. Lopozision ki fer enn travay zis pou sali répitasion dimounn. Vishnu inn pas par la, mwa osi mo pé pas par la.
But it is not Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, warns the Minister of Public Service. “Ar mwa non, na pa pou éna koumsa. Mo pa Vishnu mwa. Les mo dir li karé karé, mwa mo pou konn tir manzé!
Furthermore, Ivan Collendavelloo looked forward with great anticipation pf the verdict of the Supreme Court in the case of MedPoint. Because, he insists, “l’avenir du pays en dépend. De souligner quentre Xavier, Pravind et SAJ, il y a une entente parfaite. Et c’est pourquoi nous sommes confiants de pouvoir faire du bon travail.

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