Accident At Quartier Militaire: Second Pilgrim Dies

The accident that occurred on the 3rd March in Quartier-Militaire made a second victim. Vishal Boobun, a 28 years-old resident of Caroline, passed away last Friday night.

This young man was seriously injured after a truck slammed into a group of pilgrims who were heading to Grand Bassin. His friend Amit Purmessur, 21, was killed instantly. The latter, his 17 years old brother and six other relatives, all the inhabitants of Carolina, had left their home on Wednesday, March 2, to walk to Grand Bassin as part of the festival of Maha Shivaratee.

The next day at 5:10AM, as they walked along the New Link Roadof Quartier Militaire, they were struck by a truck driven by Ramduth K., 49 years of age.

The funeral of Vishal Boobun will take place on Saturday afternoon, April 23 at Caroline.


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